In the Spring the War Ended

inthespringthewarendedIn the Spring the War Ended, by Steven Linakis

In the Spring the War Ended, by Steven Linakis, offers an interesting slant on war experiences during WWII. A novel based on Linakis’ real war experience, this is the story of a soldier who goes AWOL in Belgium and survives by stealing military supplies and selling them on the black market. A war novel less about patriotism and more about simple survival among people, it was not released until 1965. It met with some success, and there’s an interesting story in chapter 11 of How to Write and Publish your First Novel, by Oscar Collier, that tells how the book came into being and was published. Linakis is Maria Callas’ nephew.

I had some technical trouble reading this book. The binding split and pages started falling out of parts I hadn’t read yet (and i treat my books very gently) so i had to stop for a day to reglue it and clamp it. It’s sturdy now. The books aren’t allowed to fall apart until I am done reading, dammit. Grade: B

Mass market paperback

Popular Library, 1968?


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