Give and Take

giveandtakeGive and Take by Thomas H. Raddall

I read in an hour this Popular Library reprint of a book originally published as Tidefall by Little, Brown in 1953. This cheap paperback version attempts to remarket a fairly staid Canadian historical novel set in Nova Scotia as a salacious buccaneering novel, as “The Stormy Saga of a Seafaring Lover.” It’s an alright book.

Thomas H. Raddall was a fairly well-known Canadian historian and novelist. Give and Take tells the tale of Sax Nolan, “a seaman with a violent past and a dangerous future.” He has a practical wedding, a cold marriage, and is cuckolded in the inevitable affair with the handsome radio operator.

A competent writing style and a lovely historical perspective of a small fishing village on the coast of Nova Scotia notwithstanding, this would have been an hour better spent in other books.

Grade: D


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