Homer & Langley

homerandlangleyHomer & Langley by E.L. Doctorow

I had heard somewhere a while ago that E.L. Doctorow had novelized the story of the Collyer brothers, and I got to look at an advanced reading copy a friend of mine had, so I was eager to read it myself. Homer and Langley Collyer were, famously,  hoarders with a house filled with stuff that they had collected over the years. The novel tells the story of their lives from Homer’s point of view, and Homer is blind, which lends an interesting perspective.

Doctorow chose a topic that already fascinated me. I would have loved to explore the Collyer brothers’ crammed house (Langley had assembled a Model T in the dining room), but the house, along with the brothers, is long gone. This novel is the next best way to see it. Grade: A


One thought on “Homer & Langley

  1. I thought this was a great book too! I really thought it was interesting how he gave us a fictional account of what it was like to be the brothers and to imagine what their perspective was like! Great review!!

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