Gunsmoke Vengeance

gunsmokevengeanceGunsmoke Vengeance by Johnston McCulley

Gunsmoke Vengeance was originally published in book form as South of the Pass, and South of the Pass was originally serialized in Western Story Magazine in 1921. In any event, it is a classic western novel, with all you’d expect from one:

“Redman’s excited command echoed like a whiplash. He flung himself behind a rock, pulled out his own gun, fired hurriedly at Lenniker, cutting the stiff brim of the gunman’s hat. Others of the bandit party also found shelter. Their guns began to blaze. The rattle of shots and the spurts of smoke filled the air. Lead slugs screamed by the man on the sorrel horse.”

If lead slugs are screaming, it’s good. Grade: B-

Johnston McCulley, better known as the creator of Zorro, was a prolific writer of pulp fiction and screenplays.


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