Reheated Cabbage

ReheatedcabbageReheated Cabbage by Irving Welsh

Writers are often encouraged to publish everything even remotely publishable, and often end up publishing a volume of miscellaneous writings that did not fit anywhere else. This sometimes represents the worst a writer has to offer, but this is not the case with Reheated Cabbage. Irvine Welsh lets us know with the title that he knows we know this is a miscellany, that he’s offering leftovers, but these eight stories just make me wish Welsh had more books I haven’t read.

But Welsh is always enjoyable, sometimes maudlin, and his mastery of of the Scottish vernacular is so strong that I always pick up a bit of a Scottish accent for a little while. He writes it like it sounds. Consider:

“You shut yir fuckin mooth, lover boy!…Ah’ll knock yir fuckin teeth oot then yi’ll huv tae go tae the fuckin dentist, awright!”

“Ye fuckin try, but ye ken deep down thit yir nivir gaunny see eye tae eye, n that’s that.”

Grade: B-


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