Measure Issue 6/7

Measure, Issue 6/7. Edited by Howard McCord

I found this and the issue of Doones at the same estate sale. Both come from Bowling Green University in Ohio from the same period. This one is put together by Howard McCord, and is a nice perfectbound journal of 160 pages (it is a double issue)consisting entirely of poetry. The writing in here is not as consistently strong as that of Doones (I can’t help but compare the two), but still a wonderful find. Measure 6/7 includes work by Keith Abbott, Elton Glaser, Peter Wild, James Bertolino, and Ray DiPalma.

Here’s a short poem by Keith Abbott from Measure:

Somewhere the Flamingoes Have Quieted Down

There’s a color like the edge of a woman’s eye who is
in orgasm. It’s small but all there is, like the
tremendous flash in the back of the brain.

It’s better reading it in the typewriter-stencil letters of the magazine itself than on the computer screen. It tastes better that way, just like everything else does.


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