Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned

Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned by Wells Tower

When I enjoy a book of short stories, I want the author to go back and turn each story into a novel. I feel that way about Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. I read at least one of these in McSweeneys, and liked it. McSweeney’s liked it so well that they published it in an early issue and published the same story again after he had revised it significantly. This is Wells Tower‘s first book.  I wish he’d hurry up and publish a whole bunch of novels.

Here’s a nice bit from the story “Executors of Important Energies”:

“I had a studio apartment in the West Village, which people were impressed by until they came up for a look. The place was the architectural equivalent of a biscuit dough remnant, a two-hundred-square-foot waste shape of crannies and recesses left over when the rest of the building had been sectioned into proper places to live.””

Grade: A.


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