Brian reads. It’s what he does. And this is where he presents his slim picture of what he’s read. I read quickly, widely, and often unwisely, but well. I try to read nearly everything, and I wanted a place to document the breadth of my reading habits. I hope that those of you who read my blog will find books of interest, but if you don’t, come back later. You never know what I’ll read next.

The entries are short. Brevity is the soul of wit. There may be times when I say almost nothing at all. Less time blogging is more time reading, and I don’t like giving plot parts away. Everything you need in order to read a book is in it.

I blog the books in roughly the same order I read them, but not always exactly. I am often reading multiple books concurrently, but I always finish them.

I may not have something brilliant and insightful in each entry, but each is an honest response reflecting my opinion of the book. Your comments are welcomed.

Each book gets a grade. A C is average and the book is usually good enough. An F is unfortunate, and a book really has to screw itself to get one. An A is rare.

If I get far behind in my faithful blogging, as I am want to do, I just put in the title and author. This keeps me from giving up on my blog c0mpletely.


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